Jetpack Jump – A Hop, a Step, and Lift Off! 🚀

The current world record for the distance traveled in just 3 steps (a Hop, a Step, and a Jump) is 18.29m. Pretty impressive if you ask me! …but have you ever thought to yourself, what would happen if the guy who set this record had a high-power-rocket-engine strapped to his back…?

Thankfully, we live in an age where stupid ideas like this often come to life in the form of a game you can actually play! Earth is a great place to live in 2019… 😂

Jetpack Jump is basically the situation described above only gamified. Set on a 3D sportsfield fit with a sand bunker that is visibly way too small for a guy with a jetpack, Jetpack Jump is one of those games where you jump, earn money, use that money to power up your player, jump again and repeat.

For anyone who has played this sort of game (such as Baseball Boy!) you probably already know just how these types of games tend to play out. Starting out fairly normal with physics that are somewhat believable, Jetpack Jump rapidly escalates in stupidity, shooting past Thanos, overtaking Captain Marvel, and blasting into a league of its own so crazy that even the writers of comic books weren’t game to step in.

Thankfully(?) we did test this game very thoroughly, and there does seem to be an upper limit as to how crazy things are allowed to get, so you shouldn’t find yourself in a situation where the game actually breaks.

With a fairly standard low-poly design, simple gameplay, and a time-based reward system that is fairly easy to hack, Jetpack Jump is a game we had a lot of fun playing while the novelty was still fresh – but we don’t really feel the need to return to any time soon…

The Conclusion

Enjoy it while it lasts!

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