Baseball Boy! is the first game from Voodoo that we really became addicted to… “Why?” Because it quickly becomes one of the most ridiculous games you could ever play!

Set in a quiet neighborhood made up of low poly houses, trees, lakes and deserts, your mission in this game is to wack a baseball as hard as you can in order to hopefully achieve an awesome new high score and make money. Obviously, the latter is more important…

The game is played by skillfully tapping on the screen of your device in order to stop a swinging arrow at as close to the center of a red/orange power indicator as possible. The closer to the center you are, the more power your player will whack your baseball with. The direction in which your arrow is pointing also determines the direction in which your baseball will fly.

Based on how far you manage to bat your baseball, you are rewarded with different sums of money you can use to upgrade 1 of 4 things. Strength, Speed, Bounciness, and Offline Earnings.

If you only intend on playing this game every once in a while, investing all your money into offline earnings could potentially be a good idea, however, if you (like us) only intend on playing this game for a week or two before moving on to something else, we recommend investing everything you’ve got into Strength, Speed, and Bounciness.

Unlike most games that increase your player’s power by a given number (such as +5 or +10), Baseball Boy! increases it by 10% every time you upgrade and as far as we know, there are no limits on how high you can upgrade…

After upgrading your player’s stats past 330% things start to break. Not all at once, but slowly. At first, you are able to see the game load beneath your baseball which is, at this point, probably somewhere in the mid to lower levels of the stratosphere.

Eventually, you begin moving so fast that all you can see beneath your flaming baseball is a never-ending ocean of green…

The Conclusion

Although this game contains far too many Ads – which you can actually disable by switching your phone into airplane mode – focusing only on the gameplay, it is a very fun game to play – especially if you enjoy breaking games…

If you’re up for the craziest game of baseball you’ve ever seen, this is the game for you.

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