Invisiballs – Our first Nintendo Switch game review…😆

If you saw it coming then congratulations! We will now be covering games for the Nintendo Switch as well as iOS and Android! If you have a game that is available¬†on iOS, Android, and the Switch… then you know what to do!¬†😉😆

Anyway, jumping into our review,¬†Invisiballs (by Digital Kingdom) is a very, very strange game. Whereas most developers spend countless hours fussing over how the main player(s) should look, (even if it is just a small blue dot),¬†Invisiballs sort of just hides everyone’s players from view… for like 90% of the time you play the game…

In case you are wondering, this means that you can’t actually “see” your player during most of the time you are playing the game. You are essentially staring at an empty 2D maze as your family mourns the loss of their son or daughter’s sanity.

But have no fear, there is quite literally more to¬†Invisiballs than what meets the eye… Using the¬†HD Rumble effect on your Switch JoyCons,¬†Invisiballs requires you to “feel” where your player is by detecting when it bumps into anything on the screen.

Using the joysticks for moton, you can move around the stage either diagonally or horizontally in a straight line until your player bumps into something. This (1) allows you to feel where your player is on the map without actually seeing anything, and (2) gives you more stealth in a shared screen multiplayer¬†game than ever before…

Your objective in this game is to blast your opponents in a colorful explosion of death by tapping on the (X) or (Down Arrow) depending on which JoyCon you happen to be holding. Using this attack will obviously give away your location, making the game much harder for you until you re-position your player.

Similar to how the JoyCon rumbles each time you hit a wall, it will also rumble when you pass over another player, alerting you when to set off your explosion.

A simple yet highly effective way of alerting you to activate your explosion.

To Wrap Things Up…

Invisiballs is a very unique¬†multiplayer game for the Nintendo Switch which seems as though it was practically designed for house parties. Thanks to the huge element of surprise it brings to the table such as, “Who killed who?” or “Where is such and such hiding!?” makes the game fun and enjoyable not just for the people playing but also the ones watching.

Unfortunately, it isn’t the type of game for you to play alone, (as far as we know it doesn’t even support a single player mode at this stage), which may actually be a good thing, since it prevents players from secretly practicing before the next party. 😆

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