Ballz by Ketchapp started a trend that has sort of carried on for around 1 and a half years now, and today’s game carries on that trend with well… Bombs… 💣

Bombz! (by Viker) is a game we can say with confidence, 90% of players will already know how to play before they even install it on their iOS or Android device. Set in a very familiar 2D breakout sort of setting, your mission in this game is to shoot balls up at blocks labeled with numbers in order to prevent anything from getting to the bottom of your screen.

In fact, this game will likely feel so familiar – if it weren’t for the “bombs” there really wouldn’t be anything new for us to cover in this game…

Big surprise! The bombs in Bombz! are “very” important in this game! …duh… 😂 Literally at the heart of every cluster of obstacles in this game, your mission in Bombz! is to break through to the center of each puzzle and hit a bomb in order to destroy everything on the screen all at once.

Thanks to this very small change, almost all of the puzzles in this game are virtually impossible to solve via brute force. Unless you manage to somehow pull off some sort of miracle shot, you’ll need to aim for the same place in order to break through to the center (i.e. the bomb) before one (or all) of the blocks make it to the bottom of the screen and GAME OVER… 👾

With a simplistic 2D design, surprisingly long gameplay actually, (you can easily spend upwards of 2-3 minutes on a single game), and not too many Ads, this is yet another great addition made to an idea we already love.

The Conclusion

If you found yourself totally addicted to the original Ballz by Ketchapp, you are 100% going to find this game addictive. With more balls, a more puzzle-oriented gameplay system, and of course, bombs! Once you pick up this game, you are going to struggle to put it down…

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