Mmm Fingers – This may be the first game you will ever play where “you” are actually the main character…

Have you ever gotten your fingers eaten by one of those vicious bundles of laughter most people call babies? If so, you are more than likely the one to blame – since fingers don’t just end up in babies mouths – and are probably already well aware of how powerful a babies jaws can be… 😅

Assuming you aren’t related to any vampires, the baby you were dealing with probably didn’t have any fangs – which is why you still have your fingers… Unfortunately(?) the digital monsters you will be dealing with in Mmm Fingers are well, a little sharper than your average toothless baby. 🧛‍♂️😱

Set on the screen of your phone, your mission in this game is to touch and hold on the screen of your device for as long as possible without having your fingers eaten by any of the scary monsters that scroll down the screen…

Unlike pretty much every other avoider game you have probably ever played, the monsters in this game are after “Your Fingers” not some random player on the screen. This really stands out when these small and very annoying monsters lash out toward you like a crazy dog on a leash! …it’s almost scary…

Other than the fact that the game can sometimes feel as though it is actually trying to kill you. With all the glaring eyes, the small splatters of blood when your finger gets eaten, you get the idea… Mmm Fingers is a simple and easy avoider game for you to get used to playing!

With a somewhat terrifying design – ok we’re joking it is actually pretty cute… Not too many ads, and potentially the simplest gameplay mechanic we have ever seen, this is a game we actually had quite a bit of fun playing.

The Conclusion

Have a few fingers you don’t mind losing? Well then, this is the game for your iOS or Android device! Unfortunately, there really isn’t a lot more to be said here. 😂

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