Instincts are interesting. In a sense “Instincts”, our pre-installed automatic responses, are what keep our world in order. (Unless… Unless it’s the illuminati😱) So what should we expect from a new game called Instincts?

Instincts is an “interesting” game to say the least. First and foremost we can’t really see what a tiny rocket ship flying through wonderfully colorful dimensions has to do with “instincts”, but it does have quite a bit to do with “gambling.”

Why Gambling? You see, this game is mostly made up of partitions, one side is pretty much empty except for a bar that – when broken – gives you 1 point. The other side is, simply put, Hell. Numerous traps and obstacles will spring out at you from every direction -meaning one careless move and “BOOM!” you’re dead…

Each partition is relatively short meaning every 5 to 6 seconds you’ll be faced with a 50% chance of dying miserably or easily gaining another point. In a sense we can understand why this game is called Instincts, when faced with a 50% chance of dying with nothing to judge which way you need to be going, all you really have to rely on are your instincts and luck…😅

The Conclusion

For all those lucky people in the world, this game should be easy. If you think about it, as long as you “always” manage to choose the easiest path, there really is nothing stopping you from accumulating an infinitely massive score!

Who knows, this may be the “luck game” that will help you finally take down your “almost invincible” uncle?

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