Another Indie game brought to life in an interesting and unique format.

Step into the shoes of a tech-savvy superhero with your brain and iPhone as your primary weapons to solve the mystery of water disappearing from a whole city.

The superhero is not really a Superman-style athlete. Rather than outrunning express trains, you spend most of your time on social media trying to hack through the story. On top of that, you’re confronted with a bizarre cast of characters that include an enigmatic professor, an evil doctor, a maharaja, a drunken gateman, radioactive fish and a cyber-crocodile. Certainly a real surreal Monty Python vibe.

Hydropuzzle offers unique gameplay, challenging puzzles and a quite peculiar look at a smartphone-obsessed society. The game is simple, short, linear, and odd… but it’s fun and people truly enjoy it. Chances are you probably haven’t played anything like this before.


How to play?

The gameplay is very different to other games. It certainly couldn’t be replicated to console or desktop. This is what probably makes it so unique and makes it so much fun.

As you slide down through the story – various emails, social media posts, chat discussions – you come across passwords to unlock, codes to crack and other intriguing and challenging puzzles.

The game is not easy, but very rewarding when you get through.

Be prepared to think a little out of the box. Some answers require knowledge of non-decimal numeral systems, esoteric programming languages and ancient gods. Don’t worry though. Hints are spread over texts, images, and animations. And even if they fail you, you can always look outside for clues and answers. It truly stimulates your brain for prior and current knowledge.


Hydropuzzle is pretty short (7 chapters), but challenging. There are geniuses who can finish it in an hour, but for most gamers, it’s not that easy. You need to find and challenge the nerd within you, or you will fail miserably, drawn in frustration, and start looking for walkthroughs and cheatsheets online.

The game has no Ads  In-App Purchases, works offline, requires no internet connection and can be easily played on a crowded bus without headphones. Clear and straight-forward.



About – Sobstel

Sobstel is a tiny one-developer studio that primarily focus on a gentle brain message over fancy eye-popping visuals. Unconventional, minimalistic and aesthetic, that’s the goal. Hydropuzzle is our very first iOS game, and the story was simply too good not to tell. It has received very good feedback and a sequel – Voltpuzzle – is in development at the moment (

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