There aren’t many games you can know for a fact that you have lost before the game has even ended. Stated a little differently, if it is possible for you to know that you have lost before the game has even ended you “should” also be able to prevent yourself from losing… shouldn’t you…?

GOPOP! by GalacticThumb is a simplified remake of the very first match 3 puzzle game I  (The reviewer of this game) can ever remember playing. Before match 3 puzzle games were all about “Crushing Candy” and “Puzzling Dragons”, there was a much simpler genre that consisted of clearing out a board filled with tiles so that you would always end up with a remainder of 0.

In theory, these games were pretty simple. Since 2 was the minimum number of tiles required to eliminate a set, all you really needed to do was make sure you always had at least 2 of the same tile on the board and you were pretty much good to go.

GOPOP! simplifies this concept even further on a tiny 5×5 tile grid. With only 25 tiles for you to keep an eye on, (instead of the original 100 or more), playing this game “should” be a piece of cake! Unfortunately, in 2017, we are all too used to absentmindedly tapping! 😩

All too often will you see a cluster of 3 or even 4 tiles and think, “Yes, a Combo!”, not realizing that tapping on that seemingly good combo is literally the difference between Life and Death… 😇 and 💀…

With 2 game modes, (Time & Infinite), you can use to train your tapping self-control, a streamlined design and not too many Ads, GOPOP! is a match 3 puzzle game your Candy Crushing friends may actually struggle at playing…😉

The Conclusion

If you remember playing match 3 games where your only goal was to simply eliminate everything(!), this is the best mobile remake we’ve seen yet!

As you may have already guessed, this probably won’t be your next personal gaming addiction, however, if you’re interested in giving it a try, GOPOP! is fun while it lasts.

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