Craft Away! – If Minecraft were a clicker…

Are you in love with clicker games? Ever since we first heard of the legendary Cookie Clicker, clicker games have been getting better and better until today, you can now find a parody clicker game for pretty much anything! …including Minecraft…

Craft Away! by Futureplay is probably the latest and greatest Minecraft style clicker game on the market. Although this game never explicitly references Minecraft in any way, (that we are aware of), after playing for 5 minutes, chances are you’ll agree, this game is basically Minecraft!

Played using a new (swipe-based) control system, your mission in this game is to break blocks in order to collect resources you can use at a later date. For players who have injured their fingers just one too many times while barraging the screen of their device with a million taps in Cookie Clicker, this new method of (swiping) instead of (tapping) makes playing these games much easier.

Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon is another great (swipe-based) clicker game!

Now, just because this game looks a lot like Minecraft doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a bad game. In fact, Craft Away! is probably going to be one of the better clicker games you will ever play.

Featuring a multitude of different features you can use to power-up your gameplay such as golden hammers, powerful drills, and cute pets who will continue to work even while the app is closed(!), Craft Away! is a great game to have on your smartphone. Especially for those of us (everyone) who don’t have the time to play video games all day…😅

With a surprisingly high end set of 3D graphics, (rarely found in a mobile clicker game), almost no Ads! (…until you start clicking “Watch an Ad to Double Coins”) and much more we have likely yet to discover, Craft Away! is one of the best clicker games you could ask for!

The Conclusion

If you aren’t a fan of clicker games you are (1) probably no-longer reading this review and have (2) likely already made up your mind about whether you want to try this game…

Now, for everyone else who actually enjoys playing classic clicker games, we strongly encourage you to give this, or any other clicker game with (Swipe Controls) a try! You’ll be amazed at just how much fun swipe controls can be!

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