Unless you happen to be living in a cave, there is a 99% chance you are at least aware of the allegations against the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. Rigging an election is a crime. …unless you are never caught…!

Gerrymander: Rig The Election is a game that pretty much explains itself. Played on a large map filled with both you and your opponent’s supporters, your mission in this game is to divide the board into sections in order to “adjust” just how many wins and losses your party has in different areas of the state.

Each section must consist of a given number of voters, and by carefully dividing the state into sections, you can “adjust” how many wins and losses your party has in any given state.

Gerrymander Rig The Election

Obviously, as this is a puzzle game it is much, much easier to accidentally help your opponent (who seems to be “Actually Popular” among his/her supporters) win the election, meaning you’ll need to stay focused while keeping an open mind if you really want to win. This is one of the few games where cheats always prosper!😈

With a simplistic design, a total of 50 different elections for you to rig and 2 of the worst candidates we have ever seen in an election, (both candidates “strongly encourage” you to help them win), Gerrymander: Rig The Election is one of the worst puzzle games we have ever seen that is actually fun

The Conclusion

If you were looking for a creative way to win your next election without talking to your good friends in Russia, perhaps this mildly evil game will help you find that perfect idea you were looking for!

…or perhaps you could just work on improving your image…

Whatever you choose to do, the download link is just below.📲
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