Galaxy Stack

We all have one of those annoying friends who seems to be great at absolutely everything. Generally found in their natural habitat (i.e. surrounded by a large group of friends) these people are so nice, so kind, so good at everything yet so humble, you can’t help but somehow hate them for how lovely they are…

Today we’ve got a game about a pilot who is not one of these people. In fact, he/she is probably closer to the rest of us in that although they are good at their job, they can’t help but show off just a little…

Galaxy Stack (by Crescent Moon Games & Retrosaur) is a game about defending your planet(?) star-ship(?) we’re not exactly sure… from a fleet of invading enemies – pretty standard top-down 2D shooter mechanics.

So, in order to spice things up a bit, your pilot in this game decides to see just how massive a stack of destroyed enemy ships he/she can make without getting blown to bits in the process. Sound like a disaster waiting to happen? Congratulations! You’re right!

Starting out fairly slow and easy, the game gradually increases in speed, making it harder and harder for you to destroy your enemies in the location needed to land their busted ship on top of your stack. Although there are no penalties for missing your stack, if you mess up, you may get trapped in a situation with bullets all around you and a busted ship falling toward you – so you’ll need a bit of spacial awareness if you don’t want to die right away.

With a bunch of different ships for you to unlock, no Ads (since this is a paid game) and a fairly standard control scheme, Galaxy Stack is not only simple and easy to play, it looks really nice thanks to the game’s nicely animated pixel graphics!

The Conclusion

Ever wondered what happens to the rooky space shooter pilots you play – as in old school arcade games – after you help them save the world from an alien invasion? Probably this.

Being cocky is almost never a good thing… 😂😂😂

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