Have you ever seen one of those peculiar images of a snake biting its own tail? Whether these strange images are the work of some kid’s attempt to shock the world with their amazing photoshopping abilities or an actual image of a suicidal snake caught on camera we do not know, but today we’ve got a game that is basically about avoiding your own tail – and boy is it hard!! 😂

Set on a small planet which is home to a few small trees, spontaneously appearing apples and one oversized snake, your mission in this game is to grow as big as possible on this small planet without smashing into your own tail – and essentially poisoning yourself. 💀💀💀

Starting out fairly small, your snake will speedily increase in size as it gobbles up apples like there is no tomorrow! Very soon your snake will grow so long that it is kind of difficult to slither around the planet without trapping yourself in a difficult position since your snake doesn’t exactly have a great turning circle.

Featuring a bunch of different themed worlds for you to unlock based on your score, you can play as a stretched shark, a very long lion, or any other animal you really can’t stretch without creating a hilarious disaster! 😂😂

With not too many ads, an eye-catching 3D design, and simple controls you really don’t need to learn, Snaky Snake is a silly new game we think most players will either find really fun, really funny, or maybe even a bit of both!

The Conclusion

In need of something stupid to brighten up your day? We think we may have just the thing for you!

Want to give Snaky Snake! a try? The download link is just below.📲
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  1. I was just wondering, is there a limit to how big you can get? Theoretically, there should be a limit as to how big you can get shouldn’t there?

    • I don’t know… But since the planet is only so big, I would assume there would come a point where you grew so big you physically couldn’t fir anymore? That would be an interesting question to ask the developer.

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