By now, we’ve featured a lot of very unique games, (some more so than others) but today’s game outdoes them all! Fit (by Ketchapp and LILA SOFT) is just plain weird!!! 😅

Fit (by Ketchapp and LILA SOFT) is a game about fitting geometric shapes together, in order to create a bigger and bigger cluster of interlocking shapes. Played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to slot one shape into another, if your timing is correct, each new shape should slot seamlessly into the next resulting in a beautiful collection of shapes for the gods to dance on! …wait what…!?

Standing in the middle of your very first shape is a dancing geometrical creature that looks like some sort of god from a movie. Although the god-like “thing” you start out with is very happy, standing on the edge of each new shape is a sad looking god-like “thing” that will happily join in your geometric dance party as soon as you manage to slot the two pieces together.

As you progress through the game you will gradually accumulate more and more of these dancing “things” until they eventually cover the entire shape you are playing with making it slightly difficult to tell whether or not your shape is oriented correctly…


Although definitely one of the weirdest (and creepiest) games we’ve ever played, the graphics are superb (which is one of the reasons the game is so creepy), there aren’t too many ads, and surprisingly enough you don’t die on your first miss! Even if you can’t fit the two objects you are working with together first try, Fit actually allows you to make about 3 mistakes before you finally Game Over, which is always a welcome addition!

Last but not least, Fit features a total of 19 unlockable skins including Men, Women, Clowns, Sumo-Wrestlers, Weird-Things-We’re-Not-Exactly-Sure-How-To-Describe, and Dogs!

We sooo want to unlock them all! …ok, not really… 😅

The Conclusion

If you’re after a simple, weird, creepy, and rather fun game for your smartphone, Fit is probably the best fit for your needs currently on the Apple App Store and Google Play!

Not that we think most people actually “need” a weird and creepy game…😂

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