What if your child could be enrolled in a magical school that’ll teach him/her skills from English to Math in a Gamified and Fun way? We have just the solution – Super School, a leading tech-enabled smart learning content platform for kids (up to 7 years). A learning app so comprehensive and engaging that this is all your children will ever need!

“With the proliferation of smartphones throughout the world, we really believe we can leverage them to create a big impact going forward in providing quality standardized early learning education. Educators are increasingly realizing that early childhood development is a key determinant of future success and SuperSchool is designed to help kids discover the world in a fun and friendly way. The product has been developed by a multinational team of artists and technology experts guided by senior educationists. Every care has been taken to enable kids to use and unravel SuperSchool on their own. There is no need for parental oversight,” says Aditya Mukherjee, CEO & Founder at TOKO Innovation Studios

Since the app’s beta launch on Google Play, SuperSchool has already received more than 200,000 downloads and is clocking an average of 15 minutes of play time spent on the app per user per day with over 3.9 sessions per week. The iOS version will be launched shortly.

“Super School is a subscription model app and has no advertisements. We want kids to focus on learning and only learning. Our goal is to add value to parenting – if a child spends a year on our app, he/she should learn something which even their parents may have missed out on. With our goal of keeping kids engaged and exposing them to a wider variety of subjects/topics, we are adding almost 2 new games each week. Some of these will be beyond the curriculum like our Country Flags game. Our artists/contributors are from across the world — an amalgamation of influences coming from various arts and cultures is reflected in the game’s content.

We are also trying to leverage varied expertise of different organizations to enrich SuperSchool content. We also have more than 40 narrated ebooks and learning videos to teach things like good habits and phonics,” says Arnav Mukherjee, Co-Founder & COO, TOKO Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

The exit surveys conducted during beta testing have been very encouraging with over 93% of parents acknowledging that their child improved his/her knowledge after playing the SuperSchool language games and 91% responded positively to the math games.


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