Dual Blast by Game Attack – Review

After just reviewing the most modern space avoider available, we guessed it would be a cool idea to find the opposite extreme and review “The Coolest Retro Space Shooter Available!” and so here it is, our review of Dual Blast.

Dual Blast may not be “The Best” retro space shooter available – be sure to let us know if there are any we MUST review – but out of the numerous space shooters available, it definitely is one of the best.

Starting off with the controls, this game features a simple “tap and drag” movement system that not only moves your ship around, but also charges your laser that can be easily fired by simply releasing your hold. As your laser charges your ships movements will begin to slow, so for situations requiring a speedy getaway, at the bottom of your screen is a bar dedicated solely to movement, that doesn’t charge your laser, but keeps your ship at a maximum speed!

As your laser charges, the color of the energy that is softly emitted from your ship’s guns will slowly switch between 5 different colors. Depending on what color the “laser energy” is when you release your tap, the blast that is fired at your enemy will change drastically.

Though this system may take a little while to get used to at first, once you’ve played 10 or so games and gotten the hang of things, you’ll come to really appreciate the simplicity Dual Blast offers over all.

Dual Blast_SS1 Dual Blast_SS2

On the edge of deciding whether this “FREE” game is a good buy or not? For those of you who need just that extra little push, this game also features a multiplayer mode allowing you to battle it out with your retro game loving friends!

If your passion is retro style games, this game is a must!

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