Interview with Javier Álvarez the creator of Tipp Tapp

Tipp Tapp was one of the most “surprising” puzzles we’ve ever played.

At first the game “looked” simple. We were never asked to perform tasks that were complex or difficult, just remember simple sequences… 10 minutes into the game and we were seriously scratching our heads!

Today we have the privilege of sharing with you our interview with the developer of this almost impossible puzzle, Javier Álvarez.

Before we start, we’d like to thank Javier Álvarez for participating in our interview, and for spending some of his valuable time in answering our questions. Thank you very much Javier.

Now without any further ado our interview begins.


Ok first up, why did you decide to make Tipp Tapp?

We had previously made some third party iOS apps and we felt like making our own product. So the main idea of the game was kind of a random thing, we thought it would be nice to revisit a classic childhood game like Simon, but giving it a different approach, a different look and feel and sounds. We liked the idea of making it like modern art paintings for each level, so we worked in choosing the right color palettes and sounds to give it that approach.


Like modern art sounds awesome! So what programming language and or software did you use when making Tipp Tapp?

X-Code & Sprite Kit under Objective-C, easy and well documented and with huge community support. As we didn’t need the use of 3D or complex game environments we didn’t need game frameworks such as Unity.


Ok, here is a mean question. What was the hardest problem you needed to overcome when developing Tipp Tapp?

Well as it is an universal app, the main difficulty was to adapt the game to different screen sizes and proportions. But the real “big problem” is nowadays to reach the users. With hundreds of new games daily in the Appstore it is real hard for people to ever find your app, at least without payment campaigns.


Last question. Where do you get your inspiration or ideas from?

Well obviously when you think of a new product or game the main ideas come from your previous experiences, in this case from playing a quite large amount of games.


A few words to Tipp Tapp fans on Edamame Reviews.

Yes, we are working on a new game and some app ideas, hope we can soon publish and send them to you for a review 🙂

We are also working on some extra functionalities for Tipp Tapp.


Lastly a few words on how you feel about Edamame Reviews and our service.

As I told you before, it is real difficult to reach the players, and as an indie agency, it is so nice to find services like Edamame Reviews that helped us to show it to the people. We really appreciate it !

I really like that your site and twitter is not only dedicated to “big productions”, it’s nice to read your reviews and discover really cool games I didn’t know that aren’t on the top 10.

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