Draw Path

If you like brain trainers, Draw Path is one of the best trainers I’ve ever stumbled upon. In short, it’s simple. All you do is repeat the path a white dot took to get to a certain square, like seriously, how hard could that get…?

10 minutes later and about 10 levels into the game and you’ll regret everything! Draw path is a monster of a game!

Though it’s sparkly graphics and insane simplicity make the game look easy this game may be the hardest brain trainer I’ve ever played. And… the most annoying part about it all is the fact that it’s addictive…! What could be more scary than an addictive brain trainer?

It’s like continually bashing your head against a wall unable to stop! If you want an addictive brain trainer Draw Path is probably the game for you. But be careful, it’s addictiveness may harm you…

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