Wacky Whale

Wacky Whale by Diederik Deutekom is pretty much flappy bird, just harder! Seriously, it’s essentially the same game, just with a slightly watery twist.

Instead of trying to keep your character in the sky, with Wacky Whale your job is to keep him from hitting birds as he wildly launches himself from his watery home. The only control you have over this mad jumping whale is his dive back down.

When you tap on the screen of your device he will wildly plunge back down to earth and more often than not hit a bird on the way down, and well, die… If you somehow managed to survive this plunge of faith, you’ll find he¬†almost instantly jumps back out and mostly dies…

This game managed to kill my poor whale more than 10 times in less than a minute. If you want a game that kills you every 10 seconds Wacky Whale is the app for you.

P.S. If you actually manage to survive long enough to figure out how to play the game, you’re supposed to collect the coins to gain points. P.P.S My top score was 3…

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