Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the smooth glass screen of your smartphone? How do the small electrical signals that connect you with literally billions of other people around the globe feel about their role in life? Do they even feel at all? DATA WING (by Dan Vogt) is a game that attempts to answer that question…

DATA WING is a game about what goes on inside your smartphone. Set in that small corner of cyberspace you call your own, your mission in this game is to fly around delivering data between all the different galaxies in order to keep your boss – presumably the OS your phone is running on – happy.

At first, we expected our boss to stick around for the first 2-3 levels just to guide us around – typical in-game tutorial stuff – but it seems there is a far bigger story than what we originally anticipated!? Although the story is both very interesting and addictive, so as not to spoil too much of the game, we will leave unveiling the story up to you. 😉

Moving on to the gameplay, we almost can’t believe DATA WING is a free game…

Played by touching on the Left and Right sides of the screen in order to shift the direction in which your DATA WING flies, your mission in this game will change based on the mission you are on. Pretty obvious when you actually stop and think about it. Sometimes your mission will be “Reach The End” whereas other times it will be  “Reach The End Within 15 Seconds”. You will be required to change the way in which you fly based on the job.

That being said, there are a few things that don’t change… One of those things being the strictly physics-based gameplay system. By aiming your rockets at the outer wall of the stage, you can quickly build up speed, allowing you to overcome strong gravitational forces that pull you down and/or overtake your opponents in a mission that requires you to come out first! Both incredibly satisfying and fairly easy to master…

With excellent visuals, No-Ads (that we are aware of), and a storyline we can’t wait to fully explore, DATA WING is a game we can’t recommend enough to anyone interested in what actually goes on inside your smartphone…

The Conclusion

Although we have no idea “how” or “why” this game is free, IT IS!!


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