Dash Titans (by vybr) is a game about dashing through a peaceful meadow in search of something – or someone – to KILL…💀 …how precious…😓

Set in a beautifully pixelated grassy meadow – a lot like where you would normally expect to encounter your first monster in any classic RPG – instead of teaching you how to fight a slime or wild boar, Dash Titans floods you with enemies to kill and gives you just the character you need(?) – an overpowered sword-wielding maniac who can dash through practically anything.

Played by either touching and swiping to move (one hand controls) or a virtual joystick and a dedicated dash button (two hand controls), your mission in this game stays the same, kill everything in sight.

Although we know this is how the game is supposed to be played, somehow it still seems broken. So long as your player is dashing – which it is 90% of the time – you are practically immune to all of your opponent’s attacks. You can dash through magical balls fired by wizards, splinter arrows that are fired at you, and crush knights that lunge at you in a futile attempt to avenge the death of their comrades… in short, you are a monster…

Just to make this already broken game seem just a little bit more broken, the unlockable characters in Dash Titans look like trash. Just to name a few of our favorite unlockable characters, you can unlock a Chicken, a Whacky Grandma, a Swarm of Bees, a Farmer, and an Orange Butterfly – all of which are stupidly overpowered.

With nicely pixelated graphics, not too many Ads, and a gameplay system that continues to earn you XP even while the app is closed – making unlocking new characters that much easier – Dash Titans is a game we’d recommend to anyone who can’t be bothered to Level Up their character, and would just like to know what it feels like to play a Level 1 stage using a Level MAX character…

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a game where you start out as an almost invincible character, this is the game for you. In fact, it may be the only game for you…

Although you will most probably feel no sentimental value toward the characters you unlock, (because they are invincible from the start), Dash Titans is still a fun game we kind of enjoyed.

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