Have you ever stopped and thought about just how cool SpaceX’s reusable rockets really are? Not only do they greatly reduce costs, bringing space travel a whole lot closer to the general public, but they somehow manage to land back down vertically!? …in order to fully understand just how cool vertical landings truly are, you NEED to play this game…

Landing Confirmed (by SPokDev) is a game about what appears to be a SpaceX Falcon9 (we could be wrong) that you are required to land without exploding…💥 Sound easy? Think Again! 🤯

Played by carefully tapping on the left and/or right sides of the screen in order to ignite your left and right engines, your mission in this game is to ever so carefully maneuver your rocket back down to earth without crashing and burning… literally…

If you so much as bump the side of your craft up against a wall, a cliff face, or a giant wrecking ball powering toward you, GAME OVER.👾

As is the case with most games of this type, the key to success is in slow and careful judgments and maneuvers. As you progress through the game, you will be faced with difficult situations that you wouldn’t normally expect the AI in a SpaceX Falcon9 to ever encounter (such as being trapped in a cave or almost getting crushed between two massive moving cliff faces) which will really put your skills as a pilot to the test…

Featuring a beautiful minimalistic design, not too many Ads (you will be required to watch an Ad every once in a while in order to unlock the next level), and a bunch of different spacecraft for you to either purchase or unlock, this is yet another simulation you’ll struggle to put down.

Especially if you’re a SpaceX Fan! 😆

The Conclusion

With approximately 70 levels for you to explore, not too many Ads, and a soothing soundtrack that may just keep you from destroying your phone after an unsuccessful landing, Landing Confirmed is a game space fans (especially SpaceX fans) will likely really enjoy.

…too bad it is currently only available on Android…

Want to give Landing Confirmed a try? The download link is just below.📲
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