As a child did you love the sense of dizziness? We must say a lot of us did, and still do. No wonder Giant Million Dollar Dizzying Machines (i.e. Roller Coasters) were invented…

Crazy Circle is an extremely dizzying game for your mobile device – and no it doesn’t cost a million dollars. Based around an arrow, a bunch of speedily rotating rings, and timing. Your mission in this game is to “Boost” your way from ring to ring without dying💀

The game is played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to jump from one illuminated section of a ring to another – a little like playing a game featuring only the floating logs in Crossy Road. Overall the game is very simple, and relatively easy to play.

Now, what makes this game interesting is the fact that instead floating down a straight, unwinding river, in Crazy Circle you are well,… set in a Crazy Circle, and crazy circles are often the most dizzying things in the universe…!

Lastly, to top things off, this game has a color scheme that looks almost identical to to that of Super Hexagon – officially the world’s most dizzying game – which makes this game just that little bit more awesome!

Do you enjoy being moderately dizzy? If so, Crazy Circle is a game we highly recommend you check out. Set at an enjoyable difficulty level and speed, this game will no doubt be fun and entertaining for the majority of players.

…now, if you want a game that is insanely dizzying and frustratingSuper Hexagon is probably the game you’re after…

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