Have you ever painted in 3D? Although now much easier thanks to awesome new tools like the Surface Studio combined with 3D modeling tools such as Maya or Blender, the majority of the population have still “never in their life” painted in 3D… What a shame…

Colorito is a 3D painting game based on painting awesome 3D works of art using a high power paintball gun! …or at least sort of is…😉

Set in a minimalist 3D art studio(?), your mission in this game is to fire paintballs at rotating 3D objects in order to color them correctly and complete the works of art. When delivered to you, each 3D model is colored in large single colored chunks which you will need to hit with a same colored paintball in order to color correctly.

At first, the number of colored chunks in each model are very few making your job fairly easy, but as the game progresses more and more colored chunks are added into each object, making your job harder and harder to complete.

Luckily, the number of ads in this game are kept at a minimum meaning you should get around 6 or 7 tries before you’ll be shown an ad.

Unfortunately graphics wise and gameplay wise, Colorito isn’t the best game we’ve seen from Nanovation and will probably last you a day or two before you’ll want to move on. (Still definitely worth giving a try!) When that happens, just be sure to come back here for more awesome game reviews😁

The Conclusion

Do you enjoy simple 3D games? If so, Colorito is one of the few “simple” 3D games for your mobile device you may not have given a try.

Ready to make some art? The download link is just below😉

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