Have you got a folder on your phone dedicated to your favorite minimalist games? If so, today we may have found a game worthy of adding to your collection.

Ascending Pinball is a simple minimalist pinball game you’ll have a hard time excelling at. Based on the simple concept of helping a ball ascend up a never-ending tower of pinball paddles, your mission in this game is to bat your way up as far as possible without losing your ball and, GAME OVER👾

Although the concept is simple, (99% of human beings should pretty much instantly know how to play this game), actually managing to get your ball up to the next level can prove to be quite a challenge at first. On our first try, we managed to GAME OVER without making “any” progress whatsoever…😓

This said, there are little tips and tricks you will learn along the way which – all together – make playing Ascending Pinball drastically simpler. For starters, one paddle is always positioned in a way to make getting your ball up to the next stage easier, and if you use the paddles right you can actually stop and aim, making your success rate much higher.

Graphically, Ascending Pinball is basically your standard minimalist style game with a color scheme that changes each time you restart the game. If you’re a long time fan of minimalist graphics – like us – this is a game you just won’t be able to resist!

Do you find a simple game the most addictive? If so, this is the game for you.

With simple graphics, an effortless gameplay system, and a bunch of different players to unlock, this is a minimalist game worthy of adding to your collection.

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