Catum Lab – Generating millions of cats with unique traits at the touch of a fingertip!

Catum Lab

To be released on August 28th, Catum Lab is a hyper-casual game where you generate cats, each with their own unique traits and rarity, simply by tapping. You can name your cat, and share their pictures with your friends. Catum Lab is the purrfect game for pet lovers and those who need a quick two-minute kitty therapy every now and then at work or school.

Played as a fresh graduate majoring in cat science, you were recently employed at the Catum Lab, and are now in charge of breeding and caring for a whole new generation of the feline species. Create a cat out of thin air by tapping Collect, then decide to Name it, Keep it, or Sell it.

Catum Lab

How to play?

By spending their Cat Bits, players can acquire numerous randomly generated cats from the Cat Machine. As implied, each and every cat will come with its own unique traits. Cats will also be categorized by Rarity, (which determines the likelihood the cat will appear), as well as its physique and even its voice!

Players can name their cats, take their photos and brag about them with friends and family. Every day, a certain number of Cat Bits will be given to you for free. If that’s not enough for you, you have plenty of other options to quickly earn more, either by watching a reward Ad or by spending a couple bucks on Catum Lab.

If you would like to up your chance of obtaining rarer cats, there are also options to choose from in the Catum Store. Be on the lookout, as the Cat Machine does have a few hidden secrets waiting to be unveiled!

Catum Lab


COLLECT – There are literally millions of unique cats for you to collect.

RARITY – Cats are categorized according to their rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare & Extremely Rare

CAT SOUND – Each and every cat has a funny sound.

NAME – Each cat comes with a randomly generated name but you can change it however you like.

SHARE – Export your favorite cats into beautifully wrapped photos, along with their names and rarity to show them off to your friends.

IN-GAME EMAIL SYSTEM – You will receive regular emails from your colleagues at Catum Lab, who will provide you with interesting facts about cats or the lab itself.


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Catum Lab

About – Fine Monkeys

Fine Monkeys is an independent game development studio founded in March 2018. We’re deeply passionate about video games as well as the ability to use games as a medium of narrative. Catum Lab will be our debut game to the public, but we are certainly cooking up a few more delightful surprises in secret at the moment. So please stay tuned.

To find out more about the Fine Monkeys team, please visit our website at

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