Catch the Bus – The worst bus driver on earth!

Every now and then you will accidently come into contact with an unkind individual you wish you had never met. If that individual happens to be a bus driver, please just give up and catch a taxi…

Catch the Bus is a game about a guy or girl, (depending on which you choose to play as), and the worst bus driver London has ever seen! Set on the streets of famous cities around the world, your mission in this game is to wildly chase after a bus that has left you behind and won’t stop for anything! …Seriously, anything…

Played by tapping on the screen to jump, and long-pressing to high jump, Catch the Bus is basically just a runner game with an annoying twist. (What an awful bus driver!?)

Although a very simple game concept-wise, if you enjoy the attention developers put into the “small things” chances are you’ll love this game.

With pixel graphics that change from city to city and a number of different characters to choose from, pixel graphics fans should really appreciate the attention the developers put into the small details of this game.

Have you ever missed your bus by a few seconds? If so, this is a game you can probably relate to. With detailed pixel graphics, lots of characters, and the worst bus driver in the world, this is a game you need on your phone!

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