Brake or Break – Is certain death inevitable?

How many times have you thought, “If only my player was a little stronger!” If you happen to love a game called Hill Climb Racing chances are you’ve silently thought these words to yourself many times before….

Brake or Break is the first racing game we’ve ever seen where you can actually destroy your car without dying! Although there are some exceptions, (i.e. If your car explodes chances are your player is dead), as a general rule, your car will ‘die’ before your player.

Played using simple “Touch to Brake” controls, your mission in this game is to speed down a bumpy highway while being chased by a dancing tornado and collecting powerups. If this sentence wasn’t enough to get you interested we don’t know what will…

Played “normally” your car will slowly gain damage after crashing into soccer balls, cows, random crates, etc. When this happens, as long as you don’t accidently damage your heavily protected player, only your car will take damage leaving your player’s health at 100%.

By playing the game carefully, we once managed to end a game with not much more than a chassis and a player with nearly 100% health! ...Until the dancing tornado caught up with our now immobile car…

Obviously, if you start trying tricks you will die much faster, meaning it really depends on how you choose to play the game.

With pixel graphics that accurately depict how your car is being destroyed, anyone who is in need of a ridiculously fun racing game should really check this out.

Have you always thought that the drivers in racing games are far too weak? If so this is probably the game for you.

With players that seem to have a similar level of “survival power” as a cockroach, you’ll have a hard time breaking this game.

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