Have you ever considered mining as an occupation? Depending on how serious you are with your daydreaming, you may or may not have pictured a large scale coal mine powered by heavy machinery and millions of dollars…💰

Canyon Crash is a game about a much smaller scale of mining. Set in an extremely deep canyon that is both filled with precious gems and an extremely well-built defense system to prevent idiots, we mean miners, like you from entering, your mission in this game is to survive…💀

Played using a “painful” set of touch controls to help your player essentially freefall through a maze of bumpy winding passageways, Canyon Crash is so well made it is almost painful to watch…

Your player, a guy in an outfit that sort of looks like a miner, is wildly flung about the stage an attempt to escape a red hot burning laser speedily closing in from above! During this life or death situation, you are somehow required to collect gems which can be used to unlock new, unsuspecting characters to throw down into this hell hole of a mine!

With a decent set of graphics, simple controls, and a number of different characters to unlock, Canyon Crash is pretty much a well-made game all round.

The Conclusion

If pushing helpless people into heavily defended canyons is something you want to do, Canyon Crash and a heavily guarded prison cell are the place for you.

Now, although this game is high end, the novelty of dropping through a deadly canyon soon wears off, meaning you probably won’t be playing this game for longer than a week or two…

Want to give Canyon Crash a try? The download link is just below😉

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