Can you imagine, what we know as “The USB” is 20 years old! Now used in over 10 billion devices worldwide, “The USB” is something we simply cannot live without…
Until USB-C takes over the world that is…👾

…And what better way to celebrate the amazing invention of a device we all use than with a game! Unplugged The Game is a game about pretty much everyday life ever since the invention of USBs and Smartphones. With a speedily draining battery and not much time left to plug your phone into a charging station, “it happens!”

Your USB is the wrong way round! Quickly flipping the cable over you find that it… once again doesn’t fit!? Frantically flipping your cable over one last time you plug it in just in time to see your screen flicker OFF… GAME OVER…😱

How many times has this happened to you…

Based on the exact situation depicted above, your mission in this game is to speedily flip your USB over in order to successfully plug your dying phone in, first time, before time runs out.

With 2 themes to choose from, (modern, and classic), this is a game we hope will soon become obsolete due to the rise of lovely reversible USB-C cables.

If you find yourself constantly taking 3 tries to plug your phone in, Unplugged The Game is a game you will likely benefit from.

With the most intuitive gameplay system we’ve ever seen(!), who doesn’t know how to use a USB cable(?), a minimal number of ads, and no USB-C mode which would make this game awesomely boring, Unplugged The Game is a game every clumsy USB user needs to try.

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