Cannon Land

Cannon Land is the second game by eRepublik Labs to be featured on Edamame Reviews, and we dare say it is by far the cutest!

In this super cute cat game, your job as the player is to help your little guy get across a massive lake by firing him from cannon to cannon in order to get him to the other side. (Little does he know that the lake is probably infinitely long…) The cannons are fixed on the tops and also bottoms of large extrusions of land either rising up from the lake or hanging down from the sky. (I have no idea how they keep them up there…) The game design looks a lot like Flappy Bird, but is no way near as annoying to play.

What else you’ll find floating in the air are coins you can collect to unlock new characters in the store. The characters are all so cute you’ll find yourself playing the game just to get more.

Also, one special tip for people interested in trying out Cannon Land. When you “Game Over” you’ll be required to wait 10 seconds before continuing on to the next game. At first we just sat and waited for 10 seconds, but we later discovered that by tapping on the screen you can speed up the timer and continue playing in about 2 seconds or so! A really big boost when playing!

If you’re a cat fan or just a fan of cute things in general, this is really the game for you, because pretty much everything in this game is super cute.

Cannon Land_SS1 Cannon Land_SS2

For all of you who haven’t had your daily quota of cute yet, here is an app cram packed with at least a weeks worth!

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