Bounce The Bounce

Ok, I’ll be honest, Bounce The Bounce by Seavus DOOEL was way too hard for me. Maybe if you where a real Pro Gamer, which I am not, you would find this game addictive, but I must say I found this game just way too hard.

Now don’t get me wrong here, Bounce The Bounce is an awesome game, it’s just not one you’ll find normal or moderate gamers playing. If you’re a real heavy gamer and are interested in giving this game a go, please let us know how you went on twitter.

Saying all this, the actual game system is really quite simple. All you do is avoid objects hanging from the roof or spiking up from the ground. Why a game so simple is so hard is still a mystery to me…

This game is a game for those people who want to do impossible gaming on their smart phones.

If you happen to be one of those people please let me know how to play this game because my high score is something like 13…

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