If you just can’t get over loving the 2D platform style games you used to play on your TV, Dinofour by CRAIGEATSCRAYONS is probably the app you were waiting for.

The characters are super cute, the game controls are well positioned, and the stages are great, but I’m guessing the biggest question most of you are wondering about is, “Is it worth it?” We’ll this is the bottom line, there is no way you will ever find a 2D platformer as good as this for free.

Now is it worth ($2.49 for iOS users/ $1.99 for Android users)?

My answer is most definitely, “Yes.”

Judging from the type of game it is, I’m expecting that this game will be most popular among younger children, probably 6 to 13 year olds, and with the type of ads that appear in free games now, I’d rather pay $2 to $3 rather than have my 8 year old daughter’s purity blemished.

Dinofour is an awesome game and is most definitely the best platformer I’ve ever had the chance to play on a mobile device.

If you happen to be a parent looking for a game to keep your kids quiet on a long road trip, I would strongly advise you to look no further because with this game on your phone, you may have a hard time getting it back once you get to grandma’s place.

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