Boom Dots by sven magnus – Review

Some things never change, Boom Dots by sven magnus is a game as old as time “literally.” Set up a moving target and shoot at it…

Honestly, there isn’t all that much more to this game. Your mission – as stated above – is to fire a green ball at a target that swings across your screen. That’s it… So why did this game achieve 5 million downloads? Probably because it’s so extremely easy to play.

Firstly, in this game your ball’s fire path is fixed. Your target will swing back and forth – in and out – of your fire path making the game extremely easy to play in a bumpy situation – like on a bus, or train.

Second, Boom Dots gives wary players ages to carefully line up their shot before they, “Game Over.” This is an extremely generous move for less “reaction time” based games and makes the game much more attractive overall.

Lastly the +30 themes you can use to customize your gameplay is the icing on the cake! You can play in a space invader style, a minimalist world, or even in arcade mode! What more could you ask for?

Boom Dots_SS1 Boom Dots_SS2

Boom Dots is a simple game you know how to play before you even hit the download button.

To developers, this review has a bit of a hidden message. The games you make don’t have to be insanely hard, or super original to make your players happy. They have to be fun and playable.

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