If you have 5 minutes left to live before the entire earth explodes and everyone dies, what would you do? The ones you love the ones you hate, everyone is going to die. What would you chose to do in those last 300 seconds of your life?

Five Minutes Before is a game that asks you this exact question, but unlike the question above, in this game, you’re given a rocket ship capable of escaping earth’s destruction. This insane ship has no limit to the number of people it can carry – they must have used TARDIS technology – meaning the only thing stopping you from saving everyone on the entire planet is the devastatingly short time limit of 5 minutes…

Set in an amazingly realistic 3D minecraft style city, your mission in this game is obvious, save as many people as possible before time and fuel runs out. Yes, you’re not only limited by time but also by fuel! At the center of the large city is a charging station you can use to replenish your ship’s energy supply, but when faced with two people on two buildings side by side and your remaining energy level at 24% saving even one of them would be risky… Do you do it…?

Depending on how good your imagination is, this could very well be the scariest game we’ve ever reviewed on Edamame…

Five Minutes Before_SS1 Five Minutes Before_SS2 Five Minutes Before_SS3 Five Minutes Before_SS4

The Conclusion

Seriously, if you’re an empathetic person, this probably isn’t the game for you. Please only hit the download button below if – we’re warning you! – you can play this game as a game.

If you can, Five Minutes Before is a fun, though slightly nerve racking game you’ll find yourself playing again and again…


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