Big Bang Racing – Race, Create, And Try Not To Explode!

Have you spent years now searching for the ultimate mobile racing game with high-end graphics, a seemingly infinite number of existing race tracks, and brilliant multiplayer functionality? Search no more! The “Big-Bang” of mobile racing is here…

Big Bang Racing is a shockingly high-end racing game centered around crazily awesome(!), (and sometimes really bad), racetracks created by ordinary mobile gamers like you. Played using a gameplay system similar to that of Bike Race Free, Big Bang Racing is played using a simple set of on-screen controls in order to Accelerate, Reverse, Roll-Forward, and Roll-Backward.

If you are one of the many millions who fell in love with Hill Climb Racing chances are you’ll fall in love with this game as well…

With more functionality than either of the two games listed above, strikingly sharp graphics for a game literally designed by its players, and lightning fast multiplayer racing, (which isn’t exactly “real time” but get’s the job done), there really isn’t much more you could want from a game this complete.

Unless you are more a fan of super realistic 3D racing games such as Real Racing 3, this game should have pretty much everything you could ever need in a single high-end package with a minimal number of ads.

Do you think you have what it takes to battle it out with a bunch of little green men on a racetrack that looks like it was designed by a player with nothing but evil intentions in mind? Well, now you can… If that is seriously what you wish to do…

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