Basket Fall by Kumobius – Review

When you combine two ideas, you almost always get one of two things, something awesome, or a pile of junk… So, what would happen if you combined cut the rope, with basketball?

Basket Fall by Kumobius looks like a game inspired by a combination of these two games. Starting off with a swinging basketball strung between two large concrete walls with a hoop in the middle, your mission in this game is to “cut the rope” in order to drop the basketball down and hopefully score a point.

Each time you score a point the hoop will move to a new location, and the speed at which your ball swings will change slightly making your timing essential to success.

By using the walls to rebound off or by dropping the ball directly into the hoop you can earn extra points, but most of the time we found trying flashy stunts like this ended up killing us faster than when we played normally so we’d recommend you start off simple and work your way up.

Basket Fall_SS1 Basket Fall_SS2

Basket Fall is a simple game we expect any basketball / cut the rope fan will enjoy.

Also, for anyone who doesn’t like basketball – who doesn’t like basketball??? – but thinks this game is an awesome idea, Basket Fall has 30+ hilarious themes that have nothing to do with basketball that people with “basketball phobia” can enjoy.

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