Assembly Line

Have you ever wanted to create and design your very own factory? Imagine creating a fully automated assembly line that delivers electric cars to consumers at a price “almost” everyone can afford? You would quite literally be one of the coolest guys on planet earth! …until you eventually decide to move to mars…😉🌎

Assembly Line (by Olympus) is a surprisingly accurate simulation game about skillfully managing a factory in order to make as much money as possible without running into the red. Yes, you could theoretically go bankrupt so be careful… 😱

Played using a number of different machines that can be used to melt, cut, bend, assemble and finally sell your product, your mission in this game is to skillfully manage your machines in order to increase profits and reduce costs by investing money in R&D and upgrades.

Unfortunately, for those lazy gamers migrating from Make More! (by Fingersoft), this game requires you to put in a little more work than simply angrily bashing on your desk…

Assembly Line requires you to actually build and design your factory using the floor space you are given as efficiently as possible. Just like in real life, doing practically anything will cost you money, meaning it is vital for you to remove unnecessary steps in the assembly process that are only costing you money.

With practically 0 Ads, an offline mode that keeps your factory making (or losing) money in the background, and a huge variety of machines and assemblable products, Assembly Line is the most realistic mobile factory management game we have ever tested. …and we are already very much addicted…😅

One complaint we had was finding out just how much the things you are developing actually profit your company. It took us a little while to figure out that the little (i) up in the top right-hand corner not only provided information about the individual machines you are working with but also how much profit the products you are assembling make you as a company.

The Conclusion

If you’re a budding entrepreneur wanting to spend every cent you have on some small aspect of your startup, chances are this is a game you could seriously benefit from playing!

Who would have imagined running a factory would be so much fun!

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