Make More! – A game about money, money, and more money…

Make More! is a game that seems to be pretty much about any enterprise. Set in an office that makes all sorts of strange and exotic things ranging from rubber ducks to skull ornaments, your mission in this game is to make money. …And to make money you need products, and to make products you need workmen, and to get workmen to work faster, you need a scary boss banging on the desk behind you… 

Luckily in this game – you are the boss, and your only job in the entire game (apart from hiring new workers) is to bash on your desk… (Isn’t it great being the boss…?)

Just like a lot of other endless tapper games, your mission in this game is pretty much to hire new workmen to increase the amount of money you gain per tap, spend the extra money you gain on training your workmen, which then, in turn, increases the amount of money you gain. An endless cycle of addiction driven by money💀

Although depending on how you look at things, Make More! could seem like an evil game developed by the Illuminati to create a new breed of super humans whose only desire is to Make More! money! (which it may be), it is also an extremely well-made tapper game that looks great, is simple and easy to play, and may be the one place in life where you do the desk banging.

For light players who only play games here and there throughout the day, Make More!, just like most tapper games will continue to play behind the scenes, meaning you won’t need to play this game all day in order for you workmen to do their job. (Although they will work much faster if you keep an eye on them…)

Has your dream always been to one day become the big boss? Have you been practicing your desk banging skills or years now? If so, this is a game you must have!

…Otherwise, Make More! is a simple game you can play on and off without the constant worry of being raided… (Boom Beach, Clash Of Clans, etc…)

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