Alien Thief – You can’t get tired of abducting cows!

Alien Thief is here! If you like smashing your fingers on your smartphone screen – and are good at it – this game is for you!

Just tap on each side of the screen in order to move your flying saucer or abduct the cows. No difficulty level to select, just start playing!

Alien Thief

How to play?

The game mechanics are quite simple. By touching on the right side of the screen, you can abduct the object -cow or explosive barrel – that is directly below your flying saucer. Just some advice, try to avoid abducting the barrels or you will explode. 💣💥

Touching on the left side will move your UFO straight ahead. Try to improve your coordination, and not get your fingers tangled! While you abduct as many cows as you can, you can also collect coins to unlock some super cool new UFOs.

Alien Thief


Some of the best features of Alien Thief:

– Simple mechanics, intuitive controls
– Beautiful pixel art
– Many flying saucers to unlock
– Offline game is guaranteed, no in-app purchases, no extra charges
– Conquer the first place as the best alien thief around the world with the integrated worldwide leaderboard



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