Thanks for Slayin (by The Two Princes) is a game we didn’t really understand at first. The graphics looked amazing, the main character was… well… interesting… and the controls looked simple enough. Boy, were we mistaken…

According to the developer:

“Thanks For Slayin is a Twin Stick Shooter. You play in a futuristic game show where you compete for credits whilst you fight for your life. As you progress you can spend your credits to buy skills and upgrade your avatar, if you manage to make it to the final stage you keep all the credits you’ve earned that episode.”

Sounds simple enough. Played using two thumb-sticks you can use to move around and shoot your opponents, Thanks for Slayin is all about collecting credits, and upgrading your player, standard stuff isn’t it? Well, nearly… if it wasn’t for those stupid and annoying checkpoints…😡

In most games, when you GAME OVER you are brought right back to the start of the game where you can upgrade your player before attempting once again to make it to the top. Thanks for Slayin offers a very generous checkpoint system that allows players to save their progress up to a given point meaning you won’t have to waste your time completing any of the lower levels in order to get back to the amazing position you are in.

Although this may sound good at first, there are actually 2 huge drawbacks we failed to see when we first started playing this game.

First of all, saving your progress means that you miss out on collecting all those “essentially free” credits in the lower levels of this game each time you GAME OVER.😕

Secondly, if you are so foolish as to save your progress because: “The level you just completed was so hard!” you have essentially trapped yourself in an even harder level with no way of upgrading your player’s stats or abilities.😱

On our first try, we accidentally locked ourselves into a super hard level with no way of combatting the enemies we were faced with. All we could do was slowly collect credits in hopes of one day being able to upgrade our player to a level high enough to combat the extra powerful enemies we were faced with… Spoiler alert, it never happened! (Time to reset the game…)

After resetting our progress, we tried again without saving our progress and the game went much smoother.

The Conclusion

With excellent visuals, simple controls, and not too many Ads, Thanks for Slayin is a great game for Android (and iOS in the near future) just so long as you have a bit of an idea what you are doing before you start playing.

…Which is essentially the reason why Edamame Reviews exists…😛

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