How developers game: with Akos Makovics the creator of Air Hockey Championship Deluxe

Welcome to our series on “How developers game”. Today we’re talking with Akos Makovics the creator of Air Hockey Championship Deluxe – sharing a little about how developers both play and make their favorite games!

Before we start we would like to thank Akos Makovics for participating in our interview and for answering all our questions! Thanks!

/// Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about Air Hockey Championship Deluxe and your gaming setup. First things first, are you a PC person or a Mac person? And more importantly, why do you prefer using what you do?

I have a PC, and a Mac as well 😃 Generally, I use my PC with Windows 10 for everyday use. For game development, I use both my PC and Mac, depending on the target platform.

I also have a laptop, which I use in my full-time job, and when I am away from home.

/// Can we have a list of your top 3 gaming peripherals when playing and making games on your PC or Mac.

Actually, I don’t have any specific gaming peripherals. I have a budget headset that I use from time to time, but apart from that, I can live happily with a laptop and touchpad 😆

/// Is there anything weird or unique to the work you do about your setup that you would be willing to share with us?

My setup focuses on flexibility. My devices sync with each other, so I can easily work from everywhere. I think this is a really good way to handle work. For example, if I want, I can work on a train for half an hour, then I can seamlessly continue the development on my big PC once I am home.

/// Moving on to your smartphone, iOS or Android? And why?

Again, both. I have a high-end android phone as my main device, with a big screen and dual sim slots. I also have an older iPhone which I use for game dev.

/// Top 3 games on your phone other than Air Hockey Championship Deluxe!

Homescapes, Race Off, and Tower

/// Last questions, for all the newbie developers out there, what do you actually need to buy in terms of hardware in order to start making games? What is your advice?

You don’t need much to start making games. Just have a decent PC/Mac, and an Android/iOS device to test your games. 😃

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