Press Release

Addiction, the new minimalist brain teaser with numbers is now available, FREE, on Google Play!

Addiction, the very first app from developer, is now out on ANDROID platforms.

Merging the numbers to reach the legendary “100” black tile is the ultimate goal in this brain exercise. While it may ring a bell to “2048” and “Threes!” fans, the game play very differently.

In this free game you can merge any two numbers of the same row or column with a difference of +/- 1 or even equal numbers. And you have to play each turn, alternately, horizontally then vertically. 

It’s all about creating the biggest number and getting the highest score in one single game.

The minimalist game is easy to understand but still ask to think about your moves to get to the highest numbers. A dark mode is included for playing at night, a popular feature lately.

“I’m pretty proud, as a lone developer, to release my very-first app on the Google Play Store, it was not an easy feat! I have created more than 50 “web minigames” on my website over the years. For my first app I decided to choose Addiction because of its simple mechanics and design coupled with its one-more-game appeal.”

– David Allard, Founder, JeuxID.

Addiction released on Feb. 13 as a free download (without any “p2w” in-app purchases) on the Google Play Store, it’s available in English, French and Spanish.

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About Jeux ID is a French language Canadian website created in 2003. Offering mostly word games, trivia and brain games. The website celebrated its 16th anniversary this past November. Creating an app from one of his games for the first time was a nice way to highlight the event. More games apps are already in the works.