A Comet's Journey

By most people’s standards, you aren’t exactly qualified to write a review of a game you don’t understand… Today we are going to break the rules…

A Comet’s Journey is a game most people who live off games centered around “playing with gravity” will likely feel an almost instinctive attraction toward.

Based around the somewhat challenging concept of launching a comment into space at the perfect Speed, Angle, and Position, in order to have it pass through a given number of objectives, this is a simple game, in theory, you will likely struggle to excel at in real life… Unless of course, you work at Nasa, SpaceX, etc…

Played using either (Advanced Launch Controls) or (Simple Launch Controls) playing A Comet’s Journey is actually rather straightforward. Either you can tap and drag anywhere on the screen of your device in order to position, aim, and set the speed of your comment, or you can tap to set the position, and then adjust your aim using a set of on screen buttons.

Personally, we found the (Advanced Launch Controls) much easier to use and would recommend using them 100% of the time. Unfortunately, the (Simple Launch Controls) weren’t exactly all that intuitive and were actually harder to use…😅

Now, what we don’t exactly understand is how the scoring system works in this game. Although there does seem to be a finite amount of fuel, (or thrust), we are allowed to power our comment with before we GAME OVER, in all honesty, we still aren’t exactly sure how things work…

With a clean set of minimalist style graphics, an equally minimal number of ads, and a highish level of additional functionality, A Comet’s Journey is a game space lovers who aren’t exactly rocket scientists yet will likely enjoy.

Is it your dream to one day work at Nasa, SpaceX, or any other of the world’s leading space exploration organizations? If so, until you start launching real rockets destined to Mars, A Comet’s Journey is a game you’ll want on your smartphone.

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