As a child did you ever have this strange sense of disgust toward the gingerbread man? Why would you ever teach small children about a possessed cookie, and then encourage them to go home and make one of their own⁉️ …it just doesn’t make sense…

Food Conga is a game about a chef who takes an order, only to find his ingredients have gotten away… again…😱 Set in a small low-poly town where cars don’t slow down for pedestrians and wild bears roam the parks freely, your mission in this game is to collect all of your missing ingredients and deliver them to your customer without dying.

Played using an (On-Screen Joystick) to move around which can be activated by touching and dragging anywhere on the screen of your device, Food Conga is fairly easy to play, just so long as you don’t block your own vision by setting your joystick somewhere near the center of your screen.

By successfully collecting and delivering food to your customers you can charge your special ability gauge which seems to differ a little between characters but basically does the exact same thing, i.e. destroys everything your character smashes into.

With a vibrant set of low-poly 3D graphics, cute character designs, and a number of different Characters, Foods, and Restaurants for you to unlock/power-up. Food Conga is fast, fun, simple and free!

The Conclusion

Are you in need of a game that exudes cuteness, is simple and easy to play and most importantly doesn’t look like just another clone of a game you’ve probably seen somewhere else? If so, Food Conga is a game you’ll probably want to check out.

Want to give Food Conga a try? The download link is just below.😉

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