Was Fruit Ninja one of the first games installed on your first smart device? Chances are this is the case with the majority of people who owned a smartphone before Angry Birds took over the world, leaving a special place in our hearts for this simple fruit slashing game…

Today we’ve got a game that isn’t Fruit Ninja, but is about slicing… precisely…😓

50 50 is a game about slicing Squares, Triangles, Dogs, Cats, and even Baseball Players, with surgically precise precision. (Have you guessed it?) Your mission in this game is to slice a number of abstract objects into perfectly equal parts where even a 0.1% difference is noted for…😱

If you’re beginning to think this game sounds like hell, don’t worry, you are given the tools for the job. Using a two point cutting system (i.e. tap and drag to draw a straight line -release to slice) you’ll be required to rack your brain for the little bit of geometry you can remember from the math classes you pretty much slept through.

Although difficult on your brain, 50 50 has none of the obstacles, enemies, or rapidly decreasing time limits that make most games difficult, meaning the actual game itself is actually rather easy to play… Thus creating a major problem…

The Conclusion

For people with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) this game is dangerous. If you constantly find yourself straightening your bookshelf, fixing a lopsided painting, or realigning the fruit at your local grocery store, this game could become an addiction…

For those of you who are sure you’ll be alright, the download link is just below…💀


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