As reviewers, we come across so many new and exciting games to share with our readers it is literally impossible to keep up! …unfortunately, there are also an abundance of bad games we don’t share, and there are games like this…

Wobl Dodge is a game that was recently featured in our Indie Developer News Feed – where you can find an unfiltered list of both brilliant and not so brilliant games submitted to our team – and Wobl Dodge sort of stood out.✨

On the surface, Wobl Dodge looks like the sort of game you would find in the “Featured” section of any app store. With an app icon that exudes action, a beautiful set of minimalist graphics and a seemingly intuitive gameplay system, this game looks perfect! …but is it…?

Well, not exactly. In a nutshell, Wobl Dodge lacks an essential “feature” missing in almost every game we can’t quite feature on Edamame Reviews. “Consistency!”

Most obvious when looking at the gems you are required to collect in this game, Wobl Dodge features a superb gameplay system along side lower than average gem sprites pared with beautiful obstacles!? This unevenness is practically an OCD nightmare!

The Conclusion

So, what do we want to achieve with this Review-like Article?

Firstly, we would hopefully like to help the Tangent Game Team make Wobl Dodge, (which really has potential), become an even better game for players to enjoy – and maybe, just maybe help an Indie-Developer create a better game than they could have yesterday.

Want to give Wobl Dodge a try? The download link is just below.😉

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below and as always thanks for following