Tinker Island – No, this isn’t a game about fairies…

Do you like testing out your knowledge with a few mock survival games every now and then? We do… Or at least “some of us do” and so today we’ve found what may be the most “interesting” (in a lot of ways) new survival game on the App Store.

Tinker Island is a survival game – as you’ve no doubt already figured – with a very different overall game structure to what we’ve seen in the past. If you were fortunate enough to stumble upon the amazing game called “Lifeline…” (A game where you help guide Tailor, a stranded astronaut, make life or death decisions all via text messages) Tinker Island is similar, yet different…

You see in this game you have the power to do more than just listen to someone’s life threatening issues, you have the power to tell people what to do and when to do it, all via a very new and easy to use card control system.

Your players – a group of stranded individuals – just like any other human beings have their strengths and their weaknesses, which must be used to your advantage in order to escape the (perhaps not so desolate 😱 ) island you are stranded on.

The game is played in a sort of turn based system revolving around time and your base camp. At your camp, (where you’ll be doing most of the gameplay) you’ll find a set of cards inscribed with your players’ current status. There is one card for every player and the game is played by dragging these player cards onto different activity zones in order to get things done.

Each job takes a different amount of real world time and, depending on the one doing the work, will have a completely different result.

Just like in the real world, each one of your survivors has a different set of skills meaning you’ll need to position your survivors carefully in order to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time.

If you like survival games (or just like ordering people around) Tinker Island is an interesting survival game we can’t wait to play to the end.

With a simple gameplay system, and a few mysteries to keep you awake at night 😱  Tinker Island is a simple yet thrilling game you’ll have a hard time getting sick of.

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