Tiltagon by Noodlecake Studios is a game made entirely of hexagons. Yes- the stage, the player and even the background is made completely of hexagons, actually not the player, although the player is made of mostly hexagons…

Your mission in Tiltagon is to carefully roll your way around a stage built of hexagons and carefully make your way to a glowing gold hexagon that is your goal. The concept is straightforward and easy to follow, but the gameplay itself is not. You see, some hexagons are cut out in the center making it easy to fall straight through the middle, while others are extruded making it hard to even stay on! As you progress some parts begin to move and if you spend too much time on a certain hexagon it detaches from the stage and falls into oblivion, killing you in the process…

The graphics of this game are rather stunning, and move on response to your tilting of your device. Though this enhances the 3D effect, it also creates a bit of an illusion making it even easier to misjudge your speed and run straight over the edge.

If you’re after a game where everything seems to kill you, this game does a pretty good job of it…

Tiltagon_SS1 Tiltagon_SS2

So, if you’re interested in trying out this crazy game that looks like something out of a mathematician’s nightmare, you’ll find the links below.

As for us, we seriously need a break from all these crazily difficult games involving hexagons… Why are they so popular…?

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