TikTok accounts with under 1K followers getting deleted in April!?

Fake news is everywhere, it cannot be avoided, which is why we are doing out part to spread it just a little further! …Nah! Just Kidding! 😂

Hey! I’m the guy who runs everything to do with Video at Edamame Reviews and who currently spends way too much time on the fun new platform TikTok!

Follow Me!!! 🤣🤣🤣

Anyway, in recent times my TikTok account has been flooded by users begging me to please shout them out in order to get their follower count to 1K… Frankly, this has happened many times before, but this time it’s a little different.

All of these users have reason to believe(?) that their accounts are going to be deleted sometime in April if they do not make it to 1K followers! If true this would be terrible news!

I and pretty much every other unsuspecting TikToker would likely lose over 90% of our following and the platform would be ruined potentially forever!!

…luckily this is probably fake news…

For starters, we could not find a single official statement from TikTok to back up these claims, nor could we find a single credible news source reporting on this catastrophe waiting to happen.

If you are one of the many lovely people who follow our account on TikTok please don’t worry. Your account is most probably fine just the way it is. 😂

(And for those in the know… Just remember to take beans out of the can “before” you put them in your mom’s microwave…)