Are you still a burning fan of the hot now trend “THE FLOOR IS LAVA!”…? If so, today we’ve got just the game to satisfy your childish needs! This is our review of a game that totally doesn’t need reviewing!

The Floor Is Lava is a brand new game about a brand new concept that has never been thought up by anyone before and is 100% original, and you definitely won’t see preschoolers intuitively playing it in real life… Seriously…😉

Set in an extremely rectangular room that seems to extend off in one direction forever, your mission in this game is to jump from one piece of household furniture to another without falling into burning hot lava, or getting caught by your sharp-eyed mother…

Ok, we made up the last one…😋

Played using a simple set of (One Touch) controls to help your ever moving player to jump from one piece of furniture to another without falling into deadly lava, The Floor Is Lava is an extremely straightforward game that doesn’t really need explaining.

With a nice set of 3D graphics, a decent level of functionality and not too many ads to annoy you, this may be the best “The Floor Is Lava” game you can get your hands on before the trend finally comes to an end…

Are you in need of a game that will bring you back to a time in your life when you could jump on furniture without destroying your house? If so, this is the game for you!

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